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15/04/2024 - getfigure65.m (version 6.5)
Sharing our Matlab function getfigure65.m (version 6.5) that simplifies the copy of axis, lines, and images from another figure.

The first call to this function adds a new Getfigure menu (in the current figure) and the second call deletes the Getfigure menu:

>> getfigure65
04/04/2024 - Coste de la energía activa de la tarifa PVPC
Web de ESIOS (web del Sistema de Información del Operador del Sistema) con la información horaria del coste de la energía activa.

Información de Generación y Consumo Eléctricos: demanda de MW prevista, programada y real

Gráfica con la evolución diaria del término de facturación de Energía Activa de la tarifa PVPC

Mapa de instalaciones de producción eléctrica / hidráulicas / eólicas / fotovoltáicas
16/03/2024 - Featuring Figure 01 robot performing Speech-to-Speech Reasoning

Yes, soon they will be ready...
14/03/2024 - Dia del número π = 3,141592653... y 31 trillones de decimales más !
Es la fecha en notación inglesa de mes-día que representa el número: 03-14
Se supone que si se organiza alguna fiesta de celebración debería empezar a las 16 h
O... si se quiere ser más preciso... a las 15:56 h
El minuto 56 se obtiene redondeando la conversión en fracción de hora de 92653, es decir 60 min * 0,92653 = 55,59 min o 55 min 35 s
11/03/2024 - Featuring an omnidirectional robotic platform for harsh environments
Reference robotics paper: Omnidirectional Robotic Platform for Surveillance of Particle Accelerator Environments with Limited Space Areas, Appl. Sci. 2021.
  • This article presents an omnidirectional robotic platform designed to operate in harsh environments.
  • The article includes an interesting descriptive videoabstract.
  • 01/03/2024 - Some promising humanoid robots under development
  • Figure 01 by Figure AI: 170 cm, 60 kg, 5 hours, 1.2 m/s (4.3 km/h), 20 kg payload. YouTube:
  • Unitree H1 by Unitree: 180 cm, 47 kg, ? hours, 3.3 m/s (11.8 km/h), 30 kg payload. YouTube:
  • Fourier Intelligence GR-1 by Fourier Intelligence: 152 cm, 54 kg, ? hours, 1.38 m/s (5 km/h), ?? kg payload. YouTube:
  • Optimus Gen 2 by Tesla: ?? cm, ?? Kg, ? hours, ??? m/s, ?? Kg payload. YouTube:
  • Atlas by BostonDynamics: 150 cm, 89 kg, ? hours, 2.5 m/s (9.0 km/h), ?? kg payload. YouTube:
  • KEPLERBOT by Kepler: 178 cm, 85 kg, ? hours, ??? m/s, ?? kg payload. YouTube:
  • Droid by Disney: ?? cm, ?? kg, ? hours, ??? m/s, ?? kg payload. YouTube:
  • APR by Universitat de Lleida: 170 cm, 30 kg, 6 hours, 1.6 m/s (5.7 km/h), 5 kg payload. YouTube:
  • Top 10 robots humanoides
    29/02/2024 - Interesting technical report offered by Farnell

    Single Board Computer (SBC) powered drones for aerial inspection.

    SBC play a pivotal role in complex computations and are crucial components in complex drone types.

    Link to the technical report
    26/02/2024 - Using TPU as support material during 3D printing

    Test of TPU (white) as support material for a complex PLA (blue) piece with holes in a cantilevered area.
    Best results obtained when designing a solid suport TPU piece than when using TPU as support material.
    First Lego League a l'Escola Politècnica Superior de la UdL

    >> 02/03/2024 - First Lego League a l'Escola Politècnica Superior de la UdL (Campus d'Igualada)

    >> 24/02/2024 - First Lego League a l'Escola Politècnica Superior de la UdL (Campus de Cappont)

    Més informació a:
    05/02/2024 - Featuring a video that is inspiring some robotic work

    Dance Battle: Robot vs Human vs Alien
    31/01/2024 - Work in progress
    22/01/2024 - Featuring the robot ALOHA created by Google and Stanford University
    Wow... !
    18/01/2024 - Gestionar la firma electrónica en Chrome
    Pasos a seguir:
  • Acceder a Configuración
  • Privacidad y seguridad
  • Seguridad
  • Gestionar certificados
  • 15/01/2024 - Work in progress
    08/01/2024 - Featuring a new scientific advance: Student of Games
    Student of Games: A unified learning algorithm for both perfect and imperfect information games. Science Advances, November 2023.
    Student of Games achieves strong empirical performance in large perfect and imperfect information games (chess, Go,...).
    Student of Games is a general-purpose algorithm that combines guided search, self-play learning, and game-theoretic reasoning.
    21/12/2023 - New version (5.1) of the SLAMICP-Library

    This new version 5.1 of the SLAMICP-Library optimizes the "point_to_plane" ICP matching by avoiding to compute the normals of the reference map in each iteration.

    There is also a specific function to compute the normals (red arrows) of a point cloud (blue points).
    14/12/2023 - Works in progress

    30/11/2023 - La movilidad (en coche eléctrico) sigue cambiando
    A Better Route Planner, un fantástico planificador de movilidad con coche eléctrico que permite programar una ruta en función del coche y del estado de la batería. Planifica las paradas de carga durante el viaje. Disponible como WEB y APP.
    Chargemap, un localizador de cargadores. Disponible como WEB y APP.
    OPENCHARGEMAP, un localizador de cargadores. Disponible como WEB y APP.
    ELECTROMAPS, un localizador de cargadores. Disponible como WEB y APP.
    16/11/2023 - Featuring: shadowmap (visualizes sunlight and shadow on an interactive 3D map)
    10/11/2023 - Vídeos YouTube interessants
  • Dron-Taxi volador de dues places sense pilot (2 min):
  • World Robot Conference 2023 China (30 min):
  • Vehicle tipus moto amb dues rodes omnidireccionals (16 min):
  • Tot el que es pot fer amb rodes omnidireccionals (17 min):
  • Axis Progression Chord by the The Axis Of Awesome (6 min):
  • 28/10/2023 - New Scientific paper published by the Laboratory
    Path Planning of a Mobile Delivery Robot Operating in a Multi-Story Building Based on a Predefined Navigation Tree, Sensors 2023, 23, 8795.

    This paper presents a solution to the problem of planning the path of a mobile robot that must transport and deliver small packages inside a multi-story building. This solution combines spatial and operational information, such as the location of origin and destination points and how to interact with elevators.

    YouTube Video: Path Planning for a multi-story mobile robot
    17/10/2023 - Copy a Matlab matrix in Word
    Sharing our Matlab functions: matrix2WordTable.m and matrix2WordEq.m

    >> matrix2WordTable(M);

    This function copies the matlab matrix M into a Word document (through the clipboard):
    1) Create an space for the table in word. 2) Call this function. 3) Click over Word. 4) Wait until the whole matrix has been copied (do not change the focus from Word).
    Function also avialable at Fileexchange.

    >> matrix2WordEq(M);

    This function copies the matlab matrix M into a Word equation (through the clipboard):
    1) Create an empty equation in word. 2) Call this function. 3) Click over the Word equation. 4) Wait until the whole matrix has been copied (do not change the focus from Word).
    Function also avialable at Fileexchange.
    04/10/2023 - getfigure.m (version 6.0)
    Sharing our Matlab function getfigure.m (version 6.0) to copy axis, lines and images from another figure.

    The first call to this function adds a new getfigure menu (in the current figure) and a second call deletes the getfigure menu:

    >> getfigure

    Also available at File Exchange as: getfigure
    05/07/2023 - dijkstra.m (version 1.0)
    Sharing our Matlab function dijkstra.m ( also available at FileExchange )

    A single-function implementation of Dijkstra's algorithm for shorter path finding in a directed matrix-graph
    Didactic reference at: Dijkstra's algorithm explained,
    % Matrix-Graph example G
    % G(a,b)=z defines a directional link (with a weight z) from the node a to b
    G = [0     1     0     0     0     0     0;
         0     0     1     0     0    10     0;
         2     0     0     1     0     0     0;
         0     0     2     0     1     0     0;
         0     0     0     2     0     1     0;
         0     0     0     0     2     0     1;
         0     0     0     0     0     2     0];
    initialNode = 1;
    finalNode   = 7; 
    [best_route,cost,M] = dijkstra(G,initialNode,finalNode)
    best_route =
         1     2     3     4     5     6     7
    cost =
    % Interpretation of the columns of the Dijkstra matrix M
    % Node number | best previous node | cumulated path lenght or cost | node visited
    M =
         1     0     0     1
         2     1     1     1
         3     2     2     1
         4     3     3     1
         5     4     4     1
         6     5     5     1
         7     6     6     1
    03/09/2023 - Rècord de temperatura mínima a Lleida

    Diari Segre: Primera nit tòrrida a Lleida, amb una mínima de 25,2 ºC
    01/08/2023 - New Scientific paper published by the Laboratory
    SLAMICP Library: Accelerating Obstacle Detection in Mobile Robot Navigation via Outlier Monitoring following ICP Localization, Sensors 2023, 23, 6089.

    This work proposes to speed up the obstacle detection process by directly monitoring outliers (discrepant points between the LIDAR scans and the full map) spotted after Iterative Closest Point (ICP) matching instead of spending time performing an isolated task to re-analyze the LIDAR scans to detect those discrepancies.

    This paper features the SLAMICP Library: a Free and Open Source library that we developped to implement ICP matching returning the outliers detected and other internal matching parameters during mobile robot navigation.

    Point Cloud application example of the SLAMICP Library
    Mobile robot following a planned trajectory: the blue dots depict the 2D map of the facility; the dotted cyan points depict the planned trajectory and the green arrow the final position and orientation that must be achieved by the mobile robot; the solid olive line depict the real trajectory followed by the mobile robot and the brown arrow depit ist current position and orientation; the red points are the outliers detected after ICP matching that (in this case) reveal one side of an obstacle placed in the corridor.
    26/07/2023 - Open Special Issue "LIDAR Applications in Mobile Robots"
    Opening a Special Issue

    This Special Issue LIDAR Applications in Mobile Robots belongs to the section "Sensors and Robotics" of the journal Sensors
    18/07/2023 - Featuring 2015 "Space Oddity" from the Space Station
    YouTube: Astronaut Chris Hadfield performing 'Space Oddity' (David Bowie) in the Space Station (2015)

    (Amazing Song) x (Amazing Feautre) = Amazing2 · e ( t - 2015 )
    14/07/2023 - Featuring a Robotic YouTube Video
    YouTube: Open-Vocabulary 3D Scene Graph for Autonomous Indoor Navigation

    Open-vocabulary scene understanding aims to localize and recognize unseen categories beyond the annotated label space.
    05/07/2023 - Procediment per comprovar i reparar els arxius de sistema de Windows 11
    En cas de que durant l'arrencada o al crear un fitxer nou Windows 11 tardi més del normal es pot fer servir SFC (System File Checker - comprovador i reparador dels arxius del sistema):

    1. Obrir un CMD (consola o finestra de comandes) com administrador
    2. Executar el SFC, teclejant a la consola: sfc /scannow
    3. Esperar a que el procés de comprovació acabi
    Exemple mostrant com fer-ho
    05/07/2023 - Truc per utilitzar diverses versions de Word, Excel,...
    Al registre, seleccionar per cada versió d'office l'aplicació (Word, Excel,...); a Options afegir DWORD (32-bit) amb el nom NoRereg i posar-li 1

    Exemple mostrant com fer-ho

    Es pot fer directament des de cmd: Reg.exe add "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\Options" /v "NoRereg" /t REG_DWORD /d "1" /f
    19/05/2023 - Highlighting LLaMA (the open source Artificial Intelligence of Meta)
    Introducing LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI): A foundational, 65-billion-parameter large language model
    Paper at LLaMA: Open and Efficient Foundation Language Models
    Other related research papers at:

    Xataka: Qué es LLaMA, cómo funciona y qué sabemos de la inteligencia artificial de Meta

    Computer vision: Advancing the state of the art in computer vision with self-supervised Transformers and 10x more efficient training
    Paper on DINO: Emerging Properties in Self-Supervised Vision Transformers (code)
    Paper on PWAS: Semi-Supervised Learning of Visual Features by Non-Parametrically Predicting View Assignments with Support Samples (code)
    23/03/2023 - World Meteorological Day ( + inspiring songs)
    Now we can still act, later, maybe just beggin...
    We wish we were special but we are 🐛
    Let's see what will happen / Aviam què passa ?
    19/03/2023 - Aitona en flor

    Foto de les flors dels pressegurers dels camps d'Aitona (comarca del Segrià, a 21 km de Lleida i a 5 km d'Alcarràs). Tot un espectacle que ens ofereix la natura !
    14/01/2023 - New research group at the UdL
    New research group to face new challenges: Logic, Optimization and Robotics (LOR)
    13/01/2023 - Canvis organitzatius a la UdL
    Després de 31 anys de funcionament, el Departament d'Informàtica i Enginyeria Industrial (DIEI) de la UdL es divideix en dos nous departaments...

    Departament d'Enginyeria Industrial i de l'Edificació (DEIE)
    Departament d'Enginyeria Informàtica i Disseny Digital (DEIDD)

    Llarga durada als nous departaments... !
    21/12/2022 - Featuring: Arachne 3D printing, Arc Overhangs and Conical Slicing
    YouTube: Arc Overhangs (can) make Supports Obsolete !
    YouTube: Conical Slicing: A different angle of 3D printing
    YouTube: Cura 5 - Arachne Engine (variable line widths)
    13/09/2022 - Destaquem: Fa un segle que es va posar en funcionament la central de Camarasa
    Article del suplement dominical del Segre: A Camarasa van fer la llum
    La Canadiense va posar en marxa la central de Sossís al 1912, Seròs al 1914, Talarn al 1916 i Camarasa al 1920.
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