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Virtualkeyboard User Manual and Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that your questions will be answered here.

• What is VirtualKeyboard?
• Where can Virtualkeyboard be downloaded?
• Should I pay or register to use it?
• How to install Virtualkeyboard?
• What is required to use VirtualKeyboard?
• What operating systems support the tool?
• Quick Guide: How to use VirtualKeyboard?
Below is a funcionality schematic of the main buttons:

  1. Empties the display.
  2. Shows the keystrokes done. You can drag the virtualkeyboard when pressed on it.
  3. Writes privately in the display, replacing each letter with an asterisk (*).
  4. Turns keyboard transparency. You can adjust the transparency in the options menu
  5. Opens the options menu
  6. Minimizes VirtualKeyboard
  7. Closes VirtualKeyboard.
  8. Deletes a word displayed on the dictionary’s buttons. The word to erase is pressed later.
  9. Shows or hides the extended keyboard (numeric keys).
  10. Makes a screenshot. (Impr. Pant.)
  11. Places the cursor at the beginning or end of the line.
  12. Resizes the default keyboard sizes. If the right mouse button is pressed, a menu with different default sizes is shown.
  13. Prediction buttons have two functions: A) If you press left click on the prediction button, the predicted word followed by a space will be writen. B) If you press right click, the selected word can be removed from the dictionary.
  14. Places the keyboard on the center and bottom of the screen and actives the window above the keyboard. If it is pressed a second time, it maximizes the active window.
  15. Undoes (Ctrl Z) and Redoes (Ctrl Y) the last change.
  16. Clears the previously written word.
  17. Scrolls through the pages of a document.
  18. VirtualKeyboard is situated in different positions of the screen.
  19. Rollback tab. (Shift Tab)
  20. Copies (Ctrl C), cuts (Ctrl X) and pastes (Ctrl V) the clipboard.
  21. Prepares to write a new paragraph
  22. Inserts a space and shows the name of the active window if it has been configured in the options menu.
  23. Displays some special symbols.
  24. Dictionary selector.
  25. Writing stylus selector.
  26. Writing statistics.

•Quick Guide: Option menu.
•Quick Guide: Usage statistics.
•What is meant by Auto Click?
• What programs can be used with virtualkeuboard?
• If you reinstall VirtualKeyboard, new words introduced in dictionaries will be lost?
• Can I use VirtualKeyboard with HeadMouse?
• Can I use VirtualKeyboard to enter my password when Windows starts session?
• Can I use the keyboard and VitualKeyboard jointly?
• How to make a shortcut?
• How to change the dictionary?
• How to resize the keyboard?
• What does the text written in the space bar mean?
• Is there any scientific publication describing VirtualKeyboard usage?
• How can I move VirtualKeyboard?
• How a word from the dictionary can be deleted?