HeadMouse 3.1

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User Manual and Frequently Asked Questions

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• What is HeadMouse?
HeadMouse is a free program designed to replace the computer mouse. The user gets the mouse movement control with small head movements and click action with default gestures done in front of a webcam. HeadMouse is specially designed for people who can not use a conventional computer mouse.

Demonstrative video on YouTube: (link)

• Where can I download HeadMouse?
• Should I pay or register to use it?
• How to install?
• Which are the most relevant features from the previous version?
• What is required to use HeadMouse?
• What operating systems support the tool?
• Where to place the webcam?
• Quick Guide: How to use HeadMouse automatically?
• Quick Guide: How to select the user head manually?
• Quick Guide: How to set the click?
• Quick Guide: How to set the cursor movement?
• Quick Guide: What can I do from the main menu?
• Quick Guide: How to configure the system?
• Quick Guide: What is the meaning of down click menu buttons?
• Quick Guide: How to access to pause mode?
• Quick Guide: Can I use the mouse when I am using HeadMouse?
• Problem: What can I do if the webcam’s image appears black?
• Problem: HeadMouse do not start
• Problem: An error occurs when the program starts
• Is there any scientific publication describing HeadMouse usage?